Truso x The Ark


When Ark textile artist Sam happened across Liz Brown's directional jewellery at a local market, she was captured by the lightness and beauty of these repurposed leather pieces...and our Melbourne made collaboration with Truso was born.

'The Ark' means a hub where creative ideas flourish...what inspired the name Truso?

'Truso' is a simpler version of 'trousseaux'. It's the french word for a woman's wedding possessions and was taken from 'Trousseaux Treasures', the name of my grandfather's lingerie label which he owned and operated out of Sydney in the 1950's and 60's.

What draws you to leather?

It's firmness and permanence...and the type of leather means everything. Truso's ethos is to sustainably source and ethically create so the leathers are all sourced locally as certified bi product and remnants from upholsterers. Sustainability has always motivated me, but as a parent now I feel more responsible about not leaving any impact environmentally.

What inspires your creations?

I am greatly influenced by the simple, clean shapes of Art Deco and contemporary design, as you can see in our Ark collaboration pieces, but even more so by the materials themselves. Collecting the leather as off cuts, my designs can be limited due to size and colour...these parameters help refine my thinking and create a unique aesthetic. Every piece is hand crafted in the studio by me, ensuring the finish and workmanship is perfect, in my eyes.