THE ARK X Makim Beautiful

If jewellery could speak, our new SS20 collaboration would say “life is sweet”… there’s a refreshing lightness to the pieces handmade in Inverell, New South Wales by the founder of Makim Beautiful. We caught up with the delightfully named ‘Shazz” to hear more of the story…

We discovered your work in the Buy from the Bush campaign…how did the bushfires impact your town?

Inverell was hit pretty hard by two separate fire events during 2019; the Tingha Plateau Fire in February and then the Goonoowigal Reserve Fire in December. Even though the Tingha fire posed more of a risk to our own home at Elsmore, the Goonoowigal Fire impacted the moral of Inverell residents more as a whole. For days we all lived on high alert, watching the wind and wondering what would come next. Thankfully the houses survived and it was amazing to see the town rally around its own and the firefighters that came to help.

What inspired you most about this project with The Ark?

I am always drawn to collaborations that push me creatively to design something unique. The Ark is such an inspiring Australian made company supporting other Australian businesses, so I was honoured to design products for you.

What draws you to jewellery making and polymer clay?

I have always loved making my own jewellery. After graduating, I couldn’t find a jewellery design course close to home so put my passion aside. It wasn’t until I accidentally found polymer clay with my kids a few years ago, that I really fell in love with jewellery making again. I am just obsessed with polymer because it’s so durable and the applications are simply limitless.

We love the gingham theme of the pieces you have made for us…why gingham?

I actually did a happy dance around my kitchen when I finally cracked the gingham code and finalized a technique that worked. When I saw gingham start to pop up in fashion around me, I just knew I had to carry it off the fabric and into the collaboration earrings and necklace. As a country raised woman, gingham and flannel will always be in my veins!

Why does jewellery make us feel so good?

Well that’s easy...because unlike clothes, jewellery will always fit!