Behind the Seams

We love the way in-house textile artist Marion looks at the world with curiosity, inspired by the colour and texture around her. Following Nikel + Sole’s design brief to express nature’s beauty comes a fresh capsule of original, hand-painted scarf designs for SS21 ‘Evolve’.

When did you start painting?

Ever since my childhood in France…At the age of twelve, I was passionate about birds and spent hours trying to recreate their delicately feathered shapes in watercolour.

Where do you find your ideas for this collection?

Oh, nature…Botanicals, animal prints, and the beauty of the underwater world inspire me. As does art in the form of paintings, photography, and illustration. I love experimenting, and accidental elements like a paint drop or leak often find their way into my work.

Fabric is your canvas…does this influence your designs?

Yes, absolutely…I try to imagine how the design will look like once printed on fabric, draped, and freely flowing.

Your use of colour and contrast is beautiful; are you drawn to certain hues?

I’m drawn to rich or earthy tones like indigo blue, deep brown, sand, dark greens, and rust. I collaborate with Nikel + Sole designers to follow the colour palette they’ve used for the ‘Evolve’ capsule, and the designs are created using watercolour with some pencil and ink.

Do you have a favourite in this collection…you can tell us!

The one that has my heart is the Pebble scarf…it took a while to paint all those little shapes, but I am so happy with the overall effect. I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I do!

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