Behind the Seams


"Our artist’s Boab nut designs are inspired by the country around us. They paint the bush tuckers, plants and animals found on their land, as well as the rivers and water holes which are crucial to all life. Although many of the artists don’t live on their country anymore, the knowledge has been passed on through the generations. Creating these designs keeps the knowledge of our country alive, telling stories of the seasons, geography, life cycles and how to live on this land."

Mia – Studio Director

Artist Eileen

I started coming to Marnin Studio in 2013 when I found I liked painting the Boab nuts. I have been coming to the studio ever since, and I really like working with the other women. We love to paint together and it’s great to earn money to buy food for my family too.

Artist Charmaine

I've come to the studio and learnt lots of new things from the other women. We encourage each other and make each other strong. When I'm in the studio I relax; I just love being here. Now I tell other women to come and enjoy what we do here too.

Artist Monica

One day a lady from Junjuwa told me about the studio and said I should come sometime, so I did and have been coming ever since. It’s good to have a cuppa tea, dinner and to talk together, always laughing and joking. We are from different places, but we have become good friends. After work we go to the river to catch fish and share a feed. I like doing this work, printing and stitching our bush toys.

Artist Deborah

In 2012 I started working at Marnin Studio painting Boab nuts and weaving baskets. I like painting, because it makes me busy and it takes my mind off other things. The studio is comfortable and we can enjoy painting. I feel relaxed when I'm painting at the studio with all my friends and feel good when I get paid for my work. It's the right way, sharing and caring with everybody.

Every purchase of a Boab nut supports the artists of Marnin studio in many and varied ways.