Behind the Seams


Summer Sounds Like...

There’s something about having stories read to us…lying back, eyes closed with a voice taking us to exotic and endearing new places. Yes, Podcasts are the best and we’ve created an edit of our favourites to help rebuild our confidence and create new perspectives as we head into 2022.


No Filter with Mia Freedman
by Mamamia Podcasts

An easy-listen for those summer days…enjoy the spontaneity of eye-opening conversations with the refreshingly candid Mia Freedman.


Project Body Love
by Women's Health

How to reclaim body sovereignty! Let’s get out of those lockdown body blues and give ourselves a new outlook and a boost of confidence with the help of this 30 day evidence based program.


The Science of Happiness
by PRX and Greater Good Science Centre

We’re an optimistic community so when we saw this title, we couldn’t resist tuning in. If you’ve found yourself focusing too much on the negative over the past two years, this will gently get back on track.


The Art Decluttering
by Amy Revell and Kristy Farrugia

Was lockdown the prime time to declutter? Yes. Did we manage to do it anyway? Nope! Let’s get together to turn a new leaf, ready for 2022…


The Travel Diaries
by Holly Rubenstein.

As we transition back to life as we once knew it, anxiety around travel is inevitable. Take your time, listen to these stories by travellers about their adventures around the world, and be inspired to step back onto that bus, train or plane…