Behind the Seams

Preserving the CraftPreserving the CraftPreserving the CraftPreserving the CraftPRESERVING THE CRAFT


After three decades immersing herself in the everchanging world of fashion with the last 10 years spent as Production Manager at The Ark, who better to share her understanding of what has been gained and lost over time.


“When I started working in the 80’s, the Australian fashion industry was thriving and a huge local employer of creatives and highly skilled makers. Fast forward to 2018 and The Ark is actually one of the rare brands staying true to being authentically made in Australia and ethically accredited. We are really proud of playing a part in keeping alive the art of design, patternmaking and machining here. It’s an organic heartfelt process taking a piece of fabric to a finished quality garment that sings.


Every day, I am surrounded by incredibly talented people; passionate about collaborating on the intricate nature of a design. Whether it’s a consideration of a fabric, a seam or a detail in a pattern… it will always enhance the finished piece. Our team makes small quantities of exclusive styles and we actively listen to our customers and from their feedback, our range is curated to meet their needs. The benefit to anyone wearing the Ark is literally woven into the fabric of the garment.


There has recently been a positive shift to local production in the Australian fashion industry. It seems to be enjoying a renaissance where women are wanting to wear beautifully crafted locally made garments. This is something our customers have done for many years. Personally, I couldn’t be part of lightning fast fashion, low grade fabric construction and production shortcuts.


I feel Melbourne’s fashion talent pool is rich and dynamic and we need to continue to nurture the skills, preserve the craft and create jobs for the future.”