Behind the Seams

Postcard Perfect

Road trips that take us far from the summer crowds...

ROBE, South Australia

“Taking the scenic route along the Great Ocean Road to the gorgeous seaside town of Robe gives us plenty of opportunities to pull over, switch off the engine and admire nature in its full splendour. Detours, skipping schedules, spontaneous decisions and meeting the locals along the way are all part of the experience and adventure.”

Rochelle, The Ark



“Waking after a leisurely drive to Dunkeld to see mulberry trees laden with fruit outside my window, then eating their delectable berries on French toast is not something I will forget. Roaming late in the day through the kitchen garden at The Royal Mail Hotel overlooked by the majestic Southern Grampians takes an hour or two… so good for the soul.”

Megan, The Ark



“Setting off early and driving north, the Pittwater Road takes us through busy coastal suburbs which gradually empty towards Barrenjoey Road and Newport. Water glimpses, paragliders, lorikeets, stunning frangipani and the most amazing modern builds hold our attention the whole way. Walking to Palm Beach along coastline pathways carved out 4,000 years ago by the Guringai people, we feel a sense of gratitude for the beauty of this very special area.”

Jane, The Ark