Behind the Seams

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Locally made and ethically accredited, we proudly support the Australian fashion industry. We are equally proud of our creative team, the way we work and our unique opportunity to collaborate between design, pattern making and production all under one roof.

Part of our pattern making team is the ever talented and passionate Kinga:

“I love coming to work every day to not only work with such an amazing team but also knowing there is always going to be a new challenge waiting for me.My job is like a giant jigsaw puzzle with often more than one possibility arising but that is what I love most.”

Our pattern makers are unsung heroes; detailing the finer intricacies that are invisible to the eye yet bring to life a masterpiece of creativity fused with intelligence.

“It’s a very visual thing; we are always experimenting, playing with fabrics, shapes and silhouettes, tweaking the design and fit so each piece doesn’t just look good on a hanger but feels great on the body.”

The beauty of a finished piece… crafted by the road less travelled.