Behind the Seams

One suitcase...fifteen countries

Opening the leather suitcase, its patina beautifully faded, you can almost sense the journey it has been on... when Ark Concept Designer Marion let us borrow her grandmother-in-law Saloma's vintage case for our Love What You Wear photoshoot, she also shared its intriguing story.

An Australian women born and raised in south eastern Victoria, Saloma visited countries all over the world to spend time with her daughter who fell in love with and married a French man. Saloma's stylish suitcase travelled with her everywhere...between Australia and France, Singapore and Iraq, America and Tunisia, Indonesia and Nigeria, Iraq, Cote d'Ivorie and other exotic destinations.

Saloma's daughter soon had a son who Saloma treasured. When the grandson grew up, he met and married our French born concept designer Marion and they moved to Melbourne...not far from Saloma who is now 100 years old and still passionately involved with her family and life.

Always inspired by hand made pieces that last, we love to see one women and her luggage stay together for such a long time...we're grateful to be a small part of their travels.