Behind the Seams

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At The Ark we are proudly Australian Made and Ethically Accredited, and feel so privileged to collaborate and create with talented local makers. We spoke with one of our much loved makers Rita, about the unique nature and importance of producing locally amidst the ever changing Australian fashion landscape.

“Being in the fashion industry since arriving in Australia, I have seen it go through many phases. I remember 20 years ago, the clothing manufacturing industry was thriving. As the years went by and the demand for local makers declined, the Ark’s commitment to supporting local manufacturing has only strengthened.

Every piece I make for The Ark always leaves a deep impression. I love fashion and I am able to challenge myself and discover new things such as different techniques
or fabrics with every new design. Behind the deceivingly simple pieces, the detail and sophistication that goes into each design makes each piece so unique and special. I think that is what really stands out about The Ark.

I feel so lucky to work with everyone at The Ark who I truly consider my family.”