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We love creating calm and lovely spaces for women in our stores, so designer Lynda Gardener’s guest house and barn at The Estate, Trentham was a natural place to reflect this and shoot our Spring Summer 18 Collection. Intrigued by the artistry and ambience of The Estate, we invited Lynda to tell us more about her work and life…

The Estate is so beautiful and intricately designed we could stay here forever. What attracted you to it?

I knew how it was going to look within the first 24 hours of buying it. Having never had a true garden, to find one that was semi-established with fruit trees, herb gardens, berries in the summer and delicious vegetables all year, it just felt right. Some of my favourite pieces in the house are vintage like the beautiful old oil portraits bought from around the world. These personal collections that I have sourced over many years are what makes the place so special; it’s a real home and very much loved.

Do people send you letters after staying here?

All the time... Some very creative people also write poetry or paint beautiful scenes from the house or countryside in our guest book. It’s very special to receive such thoughtful notes and letters and my first book of guest’s notes has just been competed, with 12 years of entries.


What is your best vintage discovery? 

One that stands out is a very old antique ring I purchased in Venice at a flea market.  I kept walking around and going back to it and in the end decided to buy it. When I returned to Melbourne I discovered it was over 100 years old and full of real diamonds; a total one-off piece worth much more than I had paid. It’s one of my most treasured pieces and brings back wonderful memories from Venice.


Many of our Ark women travel: are there places you return to again and again?

Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities and I have been very lucky to visit it many times in my life; it’s like a second home and I know it back to front. I intend to move there for a while to really delve in deeper and travel to all the countries nearby that I have not had time to discover yet.


What inspires you? Tell us as many things as you like….

Life in general, architecture, aged old buildings, old wallpapers, muted tones and colours, autumn and winter, travel, living in different countries, going for walks, other creatives, living anything but a dull life, and being spontaneous…


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