Behind the Seams


Franco Crea’s sculptural furniture designs are a joy. Discovering that every piece is designed and made to order in Australia inspired us to feature his work in our AW20 broadsheet…and we got to chat with Franco about inspiration, craftsmanship and how good design helps us to live well.

Why is locally made important?

Every piece of the collection is designed and made in Australia…to be able to execute furniture at such a high level here makes me very proud. We love pairing classic materials like timber with low maintenance, highly durable new materials not commonly used in furniture design. My team and I are determined to continue to evolve and refine our techniques in-house so this incredible craftsmanship is not lost.

What inspires you to create your furniture pieces?

For me, design inspiration is everywhere. The daily things I see and experience are all sensory trigger points for me…through sight, smell and touch. Immersing myself in art galleries or absorbing new ideas through film ignites the creative side of my brain. To me, it’s not just the design of a piece, it’s about the whole concept behind the furniture and how people live their lives that makes it so interesting.

What is it about The Ark that resonates with you?

I think The Ark is a great success story….a brand that believes in beautiful, ethical and sustainable designs made here in Australia. Your passion is obvious not only in design and quality, but in how you strive to always give your customers the best possible experience.

Describe your ideal home...

Minimalist in its aesthetic, balanced with good, honest materials like concrete, stone, wood and steel to evoke a tactile experience of life through each room.

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