Behind the Seams


Our AW21 ‘Luminous’ collection celebrates art and design, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to feature some of Franco Crea’s stunning Australian-made furniture with our pieces. Enjoy this little dive into Franco’s world of creativity and inspiration…

What drew you to furniture design?

I have always been passionate about design and knew I wanted to work in the design industry from a young age. My father was a scientist and had a love of timber. He decided to learn traditional woodworking methods resulting in him becoming a hobbyist wood turner. His passion sparked my interest very early on.

How do art and design make you feel?

It evokes a sense of inspiration and humility all at the same time. It presents me with an appreciation of how many talented people there are in this world, and I can learn so much from understanding what inspires and ignites their creative passions. I love to immerse myself in an art gallery or absorbing new ideas through documentaries and films that awaken the creative side of my brain.

Is there a particular artist that inspires you?

I am enchanted with the work of local Melbourne artist Nunzio Miano. I started following Nunzio’s journey in early 2020, becoming captivated by his expressive figurative portraits. His use of colour and line is a joy to experience, and it’s easy for me to become mesmerized by his paintings. His connection to family heritage and the layers that intertwine when cultures overlap is a strong theme that resonates in my work.

What defines your design style?

Geometry and minimalism underpin many of my collections. I gravitated organically towards architectural lines and form, and I feel my design language has evolved and solidified over time. There is an intimate focus on honest, true-to-form materials, celebrating their inherent quality and unique attributes.

What do your designs say about you?

When I put pen to paper to begin a sketch there is a deliberate intention to create a form that is restrained yet elegant, bold yet not loud. Humility and honesty can be the most noticeable and beautiful things in a room. By being true to self and true to form and materiality, these are all qualities I respect immensely and strive to bring into my life daily.

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