Behind the Seams

An installation with Flox Botanical for our AW22 photoshoot,
and here's what founder Emily, had to say...

When did you discover your love of flowers?

I’ve had an appreciation for flowers for as long as I can remember however, I believe I really fell in love with flowers when a friend of mine took me to the Columbia Road Flower Market on a holiday in London in 2018.

Your designs have a striking modern aesthetic with a palette of muted brights…how do you describe your ‘style’ and approach?

I much prefer muted tones in particular blush pinks. I love the way the colours show up on the petals, apricot roses, blush pink carnations, delicious! My approach is seasonal- I will create bunches depending on availability and life span as a cut flower. The strong relationships I have with wholesalers and their knowledge also help influence my arrangements.

What inspired your native themed designs for our ‘Entice’ campaign?

My native theme was inspired by the fact that The Ark is a truly Australian label so I wanted to reflect that in the choice of flowers. I used muted/earthy tones with a touch of red to compliment the collection and reflect what you would find in the Australian bush.

Your mum Libby who manages our Canterbury boutique has such a great sense of style…do you bounce ideas off her?

I do! She has great taste and knows what works with what. Mum will often come to suppliers with me before heading to her own work and we will discuss/ play around with what's available to create the perfect bunch. Not only is she free… she is invaluable to the business!

What are your hopes for Flox?

In the lockdowns I conducted many online Masterclasses where we would deliver you a vase and a large box of flowers and teach you how to arrange them in a vase. Participants loved learning a new skill. My main hope for Flox would be to be the number one go to activity for corporate team building exercises, hens days, birthday parties etc

If you were a flower, which one and why?

I would be an Anthurium because they are quirky and unique, bright and low maintenance!

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