Behind the Seams


“Many people are starting to ask more about who is making their clothing and ethical accreditation allows businesses to demonstrate that they value the people making their products”
Angela Bell, Ethical Clothing Australia

In 2012, The Ark became ethically accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA). Angela Bell, ECA National Manager shares her insight into what this means in the Australian fashion industry.

What is ethical accreditation?

“Being ethical means that ever y person involved in making The Ark’s clothing in Australia, is working in safe conditions and receiving the appropriate pay and entitlements. This may sound simple, but it’s not because it means that The Ark has voluntarily taken part in independent, third-party audits on its workplace and supply chain; which is to be commended.”

Why is being ethically accredited important?

“Many people are starting to ask more about who is making their clothing and the accreditation from ECA allows businesses to demonstrate that they value the people making their products and they are meeting their obligations according to the relevant workplace laws. The Ark is taking concrete steps towards helping create a more transparent and accountable textile, clothing and footwear industr y
in Australia.”

How does ECA see the future of the Australian fashion industry?

“At ECA, we think there is an inevitable shift in the industry to one that embraces transparency and ethical business practices. This, alongside a commitment to
producing innovative quality fashion, will see local industry celebrated on a global stage and recognised as leading the way in this space and setting a benchmark for others to follow. ECA believes that those ethically accredited are leaders in their field, and this is good for the people involved in making the clothes, as well as the customer because they can purchase with confidence.”