Behind the Seams


So grateful to The Ark’s Jodie and Alex for sharing their mother-daughter relationships and what they appreciate about each other…
from style that inspires to unconditional support.



What is one thing you really admire about your daughter Mackenzy?

Her confidence to be herself.

What do you appreciate about Mackenzy's style?

I like that Mackenzy has never been swayed by trends, even when younger, her style was varied and unique.

If you could do one activity with Mackenzy, what would it be?

I would really love to have a weekend in Sydney to see Hamilton! (Funnily enough...Mackenzy said the exact same thing!)



How does your mum Jodie make you feel special?

Remembering my favourite things like getting me a copy of my favourite movie, cooking me amazing food and being there when I need her.

What do you like about your mum's style?

Her eye for statement pieces. She has these amazing cow print shoes that I have always loved, if I had smaller feet I would definitely steal them. We both like statement pieces like big earrings and fun necklaces.

In 3 words, describe the relationship you have with your mum Jodie.

Fun, caring and quirky.



What is it that you like about your daughter Alex's style?

Being able to pick styles that suit her individuality and figure...
and we share a love for a standout shoe!

What is something Alex has done that you are most proud of?

Buying her first apartment and killing her first spider in that apartment all by herself!

In 3 words, describe the relationship you have with your daughter Alex.

Beautiful, strong and independent.



What is one thing your mum Robyn does that makes you laugh?

Always saying "I have to get my glasses" without fail...

How does your mum Robyn make you feel special?

She is always there to support me when I need it; that kind of unconditional support is pretty special.

What is something your mum has done that you are most proud of?

Getting herself through a diploma to advance her career while working full time and dealing with two teenage daughters...and a skiing obsessed husband!