Behind the Seams


When Nikel + Sole met Aklanda, a local maker with the expertise to craft the perfect merino wool poncho in Australia, a partnership of respect was born. The making of the Benue poncho is a story of integrity, sustainability, and passionate commitment to local manufacturing. We spoke with Aklanda knitwear co-owner Louie about the collaboration.

Hands-on in a family business

Growing up in my Greek family, everyone had such a strong work ethic. At 15 years old when Aklanda was already thriving, I would head back to the factory with my father after dinner every night to add more wool to the machines. It is an honour now to continue running the business that he loved so much.

Australian wool is exceptional

Australia is the world's largest producer of merino wool, with a climate that is exceptionally good for growing wool. To create a beautiful knit like the Benue poncho, we source our wool from farmers all over the country, including those in Victoria, SA, and NSW. We trust and know that the farmers we have carefully chosen can provide us with the highest quality.

The best way to look after your Benue poncho

Wool is a natural fibre that breathes, so try to minimise washing it. Leaving the piece out in the fresh air for a few hours will instantly freshen it up. During the summer months, store your poncho in an airtight bag for protection, and when cooler weather arrives, give it a shake, and it's good to go!

When people wear your knitwear

I feel honoured, happy, and proud. Making quality knitwear for Australians is what we do, and we could not be prouder to be able to do it here in our backyard.

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