Behind the Seams

Glassblowing Collaboration Glassblowing Collaboration


Inherently creative and passionate, meet Renee Marie McDonald, a master in the art of glassblowing whose craftsmanship we were instantly drawn to.

“I came across glassblowing when I was at university and was mesmerised by the fluidity and movement of colour and the actual medium of glass itself, the way it evolves from solid to liquid and back to solid again. Glassblowing appealed to me as a new challenge and a way to expand my creativity from painting on a canvas, to painting with colour in the glass. The opportunity to collaborate is absolutely wonderful, and a real honour. Being pulled out of your bubble and rhythm, to have a chance to stretch your style, is wonderful for my creativity.”

Renee’s unique designs are a work of art to be appreciated for the beauty of each original piece.